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Please be advised that some aspects of this work may be upsetting to some. Themes in this story include but are not limited to Neglect, Abuse, Manipulation, Sexual Themes and Situations, Self-Harm, Loss, and Violence. 

Book one of The  Eílvarå Chronicles
by JL Casten

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The Prequel 
10 July 2022

Book Two

Book One of The Lost Queen Series

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My Story

JL Casten was an Army brat, who then married a soldier, only to become one herself. She has lived a nomadic existence and attended 7 schools before she was 10. She loves the rich and nuanced world she was exposed to traveling and living around the globe. She is now a disabled Army Veteran who loves to write stories and release them for the world to escape into. She is a married mother of 4 and lives in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

Praise for An Amulet of Stars and Fire

I love seeing a well rounded young woman being portrayed as capable and strong willed, who is mature The main character thinks before she speaks... I loved “seeing” her grow into her character and her powers... I love that it wasn’t a huge struggle when she became aware of them. She was easy to relate to and root for.


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