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Author Resources

Name anything from the forest to the villain! I found this a great jumping off point when naming fantasy elements.

Marketplace for editors, formatters, cover artists, and more. Also has free formatting software. It isn’t fancy but it is professional and creates a marketable product.

Formatting software/app. The most streamlined, effective indie formatting tool I’ve found so far. Easy to use, though it is new so be patient. However, customer service is amazing and will reply quickly.

Newsletter swaps, ARCs, reviewers, and so much more. Created by Evan Gow for Indies, this is where I see so many authors now moving to for collaboration within our community.

Newsletter service

Link compiler. Definitely a must to have all of your accounts easily and quickly accessible. I have a free account though paid accounts are available.

User friendly website building and provider. I started on WordPress and honestly it was so complicated. You can get a domain from either- though be aware there is a holding period to be able to move your domain to another provider so be sure before you sign on!

Hot keyword, category searches and rankings

Easily and quickly research any categories your book appears under- very helpful for Amazon category logging.

Community of Indie Authors, resources, membership, advice

Resource for creating marketing materials, videos, logos, and so much more. I create images for my socials, ad campaigns, and book trailers all with this one site.

Offers some features Canva doesn’t. Simple marketing materials I feel are much easier to design in BookBrush, they also have a section dedicated to covers- some premades!

The writing software I use- uploads to cloud and tracks just about anything you could want with a much more user friendly interface than anything else I tried. The only downside is there is no payout option, It is a subscription service

I feel like the marketing courses available here are a necessity- though they are pricey and only open to registration during certain times.

Massive group of authors who are there to help one another. The best part about this group is its leadership, and their belief that everyone should be reaching back to help newer or less successful authors as often as they can. They also host the largest indie conference in the world in Vegas every year. One year I will make it out there!

Writers helping Writers Series of books is amazing and I firmly believe authors should have copies of these books. They are a tremendous help

The Author planner! One stop shop for planning out your entire year.

Workbook series. I enjoy these as a starting point, and transfer into what I call my Series Bible later. Definitely helps to create a rich, believable world.

Youtube channel for PublisherRocket

Recordings of previous 20Books conference talks and 5minute focus talks with Craig Martell. Highly useful and informative.

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